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Information technology has opened our eyes. We can get the latest news from around the world by just sitting in front of the computer that is connected to the Internet. No need to subscribe to the newspaper from overseas that are expensive. Through news sites, we can get the latest news updates in seconds. Events that recently occurred can be directly read on the Internet.

One of many news sites on the Internet is We can read news from around the world there. News from the United States, Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, Middle East and also South Asia. I most like to read South Asia news. There are several news about conflict and tragedy, political, sport, busines, science and technology, peoples and also entertainment.

How they can do it all? whether they have a lot of journalists who are scattered in every country? NO. As an open media site they receive news from readers. You can report news around you to Both of text and photo news or video news. And the people in the world will know you!

5 thoughts on “News from South Asia at Allvoices

  1. ma2nn-smile

    ass wr wb…..
    mas saya minta maaf sebesar-besarnya……..
    kalo beberapa waktu lalu mengkopas tulisannya mas………

    soalnya waktu itu ditunggu deadline ama panitia lomba……

    skrang tulisannya mas udah saya hapus tinggal fotonya doang……

    sekali lagi maaf ya mas……

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