Golf School and Shop in Germany

Playing golf not only for rich peoples. Everybody have the same opportunity to go to golf shop to buy some golf need and then go to golf school to join golf course programs.

Golf School and Shop in GermanFor Germany peoples or peoples from other country who wants to visit Germany, Golf sport is one special thing. There is a biggest German portal that do everything with golf. Their golfschool offer course from children through to the Playing permission in Germany (Platzreife). Their golf shop is the biggest in Germany that offering all famous and International brand name. The golf shop has all brand with immediate delivernames.

What thing must prepare before you play golf?

First you must read and understand golf roleplay. Then you must buy qualified golf equipment fromm trusted golf shop. Including costum for playing golf. Don’t go to golf area using wrong costum. Usually people waer polo shirt. Looks very elegant when combined with golf stick and ride golf car.

After completing golf equipment then you must take a course about how to playing golf. If you dont have experience in playing golf, i suggest you join basic class. You will be trained how to hold golf stick and use it to hit golf ball with variety of techniques.

Hitting golf ball is not as simple as it’s seen. You must serious and focusing your concentration in power of hit, direction of hit and face the hole. Be relax. It’s need more time to make you perfect. So you must have good spirit and consume enough nutrition.

Finally you can play golf. You need some partner to make your golf skill growing up and up. You can join golf club to meet your partner. If you have enough skill and confident i suggest you to join a golf competition. Who knows you will be a profesional golf player! 😉

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