Faxing and Document Imaging Solutions

AXACORE come with 3 key product as your faxing and document imaging solution. They are FaxAgent, ScanAgent and also XDOC. AXACORE will guide you migrate from old technology that consume more cost, to latest technology that can reduce cost fastly and effectively.

Do you looking for VoIP Fax solution? FaxAgent is the answer. The advantages of FaxAgent are reduce fax cost, manage faxes anywhere, increased security, easy administration, fast to deploy and also reliable transmission. FaxAgent is about fax over ip solutions. AXACORE provided software and hardware for it.

Other solution come from AXACORE is XDOC that fit the need of Mortgage Industry Document Management. What will you get are eliminate lost paper, instant access, increase file security, remove shipping delays, and more. Just one name for Faxing and Document Imaging Solutions, AXACORE!

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