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Talking about website in this era is talking about iternet marketing. What is internet marketing? Internet marketing is a way to promote and doing set of another marketing activities over the internet. The goals of internet marketing is to sell a products or services more practically than traditional market.

For product or service owner, using internet marketing is more eficient and has high flexibilities. They dont need to build a office with large number or employee and staff, but only need small space with internet connection. And no need a warehouse and own stocks. People can act as broker, sell online the stocks owned by other.

How to promote products in internet marketing? There are many ways to promote products online, one of them is blog advertising thet use blog post to make a website easier to index by search engine. A blog post with specific keyword or anchor text linked to web page that informing a product will increase indexability of the page and increase search engine ranking position or SERP.

In this way there are two advantages both for blogger and advertiser. For advertiser they get advantages because their product can easily promoted to world wide internet user. When people type the name of their product at search engine then search engine will display the result and the page of advertiser will appear there at very first page. Then people will click the link and then buy the advertisers products. More visit is more opportunity for the transaction and its mean more profit.

For blogger they will get extra money by writing an article related to products from advertiser. This way of making money online named paid review or paid blogging or sponsored blogging. There are many opportunities to make money online through this way. Blogger can be rich just by using their writing skill and little bit of product knowledge. Blog must have high pagerank and high traffic.

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