shMessenger for Android

sh messenger for android

shmessenger for android?

shMessenger is the best mobile messaging application ever. You can run multiple Yahoo!Messenger, MSN Messenger, GTalk and also Facebook Messenger account in one sh messenger application simultaneously. It consume less energy and data transfer compared to another mobile messaging software. SH Messenger can run in symbian mobile phone in phone keypad or full QWERTY keypad.

shMessenger for Android?

How shmessenger for android, are there any android version of shmessenger? As a android user, i also waiting for the release of shmessenger for android. I feel uncomfortable with Yahoo Messenger for Android that exis today. I’m waiting for shmessenger for android, my favourite mobile messaging interface!

For those of you who are also waiting for the release of android version ofshmessenger, be patient, I am sure that shmessenger developers will successfully develop a stable version, no longer!

7 thoughts on “shMessenger for Android

  1. Anang

    eh mas, tugu pahlawan udah mau ultah ke 4 tahun tapi banner 2 tahunnya masih nongol mas 🙂

    eh… ini salah satu aplikasi mantap untuk YM an… cuman satu hal yang perlu ditambahkan… notifikasi typing message….

  2. bashar


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