Backlink Checker Tool

If you serious about blog monetization and search engine optimization, you need to know backlinks to your blog. Traditionally people use search engine like Google to find incoming links. But it’s not easy if you must check one by one thousands of Google search result.

Now you can use free backlink checker tool from SEO for Expert. You need to register and use the tool in a simple step. Just try it! 😉

7 thoughts on “Backlink Checker Tool

  1. Anang

    kalau saya makan ayam, bagian ayam yang paling tidak saya suka selain brutu adalah bagian checker, ups.. back to topic.. i think this could be very nice info to get know in which blog our link spread… wahahaha… good job brother! i get the information, you get the dollars…. so so…

  2. det Post author

    @anang: it’s a good relationship between blogger and readers 😉 but i think you as one of well known blogger in indonesia got your own way of making money online, ha? 😉

    @antown: thanks brother..

    @rizoa: monggo..

    @ndop: fast reader detected! 😉

    @gajah: hehe.. 😀

    @galih: u can use google translate to read this page, bro 😉

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