About EcoQuest International

EcoQuest intl is a distribution company of air cleaner and water purifier product and its headquarters located outside of our country, Indonesia. They distribute air and water purifier technology using MLM style. A distributor must sell their product and also get new member as downline. Distributor get commision for their sales and also get bonuses from ‘member get member’ system.

Like another MLM, distributing EcoQuest’s product is not a easy. Market condition is increase and decrease time by time. MLM system make product price more expensive than general products. Although the company does not pay for the promotional ads, but they must give sales commission and provide a multilevel bonus. Consequently, the products become more expensive.

Multi-level-marketing system is implemented in various countries, including in Indonesia. The system, usually, is good, but the distributor usually do the cheating in recruiting new members. They dont know that their attitude make the image of MLM company decrease seriousely. So, if you serious about multi-level-marketing, do the right way! 😉

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  1. det

    MLM have a good business plan even though its hard to realize, and its cause distributors often skewing information to new downline 😉

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