Email Marketing Hosting Solutions

Internet Marketers usually needs an email delivery and response system to help their business run fast. Use free email is not suggested because of its limitation in sending amount of email in a day. Then the only solution is build own email server.

But to build own email server is not cheap. The price of email server is expensive. So do the maintenance and operational cost. Also, cost of build data center room with its facilities. Very expensive. Not suitable for small medium company that just start their online business.

Now Fat Jack Hosting come and bring the solution. Fat Jack Hosting specializes in email marketing hosting solutions. At Fat Jack Hosting you can buy a domain name at low price, start from $11.97. buy web hosting package start from $4.97. Buy Virtual Privat Server or VPS and dedicated server start from $47.

The other service provided by Fat Jack Hosting are Web Master Services and Web Design Services. So you can start your online business at low cost, now! 😉

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