Using The Power of Blog as Promotion Strategy

Blog is growing rapidly. The number of blogs has increased very significantly. Blog has evolved from a private diary become an effective marketing tool. Many companies then create a blog to market their products or services. Then people name it as blog advertising. Blog become a new powerful advertising media in the middle of ads trough television, newspaper, radio and so on.

Make Money Online
Then blog advertising give bloggers new source of income. Traditionally blogger usually use Pay Per Click programs to generate income from their blog. But to earn more money through PPC program is not as easy as people said. To earn money, blogger must write interesting blog posting and do SEO to increase their traffic. More visitor is better, it’s can increase click to ads appeared in their blog. More click more money!

There is an alternative to make money blogging called Pay To Review program. Through this program, advertisers give jobs to bloggers to write about their product or service. Blogger can register their blog to review broker like After complete all requirement, then review job will asigned to you. Follow the instruction given by advertiser. Usually they asked you to use spesific anchor text or link.

After complete the job then you can submit your link to and you will paid an amount of dollar, usually about US$10 or depend on quality of your submitted blog.

Another advantage you will get from this program is you and your blog will appear in blogger directory so advertisers and other people will come to your blog and increase promotion of your blog!

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