GPS Tracking Devices

Global Positioning System or wellknown as GPS is a system to know the position precisely of any object on earth. The object can be vehicles, building, continent, country, or people. GPS is interaction between GPS satellite on space and GPS tracking devices on earth.

The GPS tracking devices receive information about the position coordinates then display it in a monitor so we can understand where we are, where our vehicles are,  where our employee are, where our kids are, where our pet are, or…… where our spouse are? 😉

GPS Tracking

Yes, GPS has been used widely in many fields, not only in mining areas such as first-past. For law enforcement, for asset tracking, personal tracking and fleet tracking.

In law enforcement field, government agencies often face budget constrains when run a critical mission, like for suspect tracking, asset tracking, canine units, officer tracking, military tracking and also fleet tracking. Using GPS tracking is a must to deliver best result with minimum budget.

Assets tracking like jewelry tracking, cargo tracking, construction equipment, vehicle tracking and RFID. Fleet tracking like in a rental company or field services industries.

And for personal tracking, do you know that GPS can be used to track the position of your child, teen and spouse? Yes, GPS tracking can do that. You do not need to use detective again :mrgreen:

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