Domain Name Cybersquatting

What is domain name cybersquatting? For example you have a trademark or brand name, then you register for a domain name, then another people register a domain name that can make your customer consfuse which one is yours. Usually people who registering domain name similar to your trademark or brand name wants to get lot of money from you. They assume that you will protect your trademark, brand name and your customer.

In this case you may be the victim of cybersquatting. According to an article at titled Cybersquatting and Trademark Infringement Lawsuit written by Herald O, Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection (law suit of USA) explain that cybersquatting means registering, trafficking in or using a domain name with badfaith intent to profit from the goodwill of a mark belonging to someone else. It refers to the practice of buying up domain names reflecting the names of existing businesses with the intent of selling the names for a profit back to the businesses when they go to put up their websites.

Many famous brand name like Panasonic, Hertz and Avon where among the victims of cybersquatting. Some entrepreneurial soul registered the domain name of famous brand and company then they sell its domain name to the company in high price.

To avoid being a victim of cybersquatting, it’s better if you register your brand’s domain name right now! 😉

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