Promoting a Website

How to promote a website in this multi-millions website era? All of website wants to be the best and get more and more traffics so that website can increase sales and profit of the business. Usually people do SEO or Search Engine Optomization to make their website more indexable by search engine.

Promoting a website using blog advertising is one of major source of traffic to website that provide service or sell product. Personal blog visitors often needs a specific product or service, so when they face an information on a personal blog then they will visit the website and make a purchase. Sounds so easy but you have to pay attention on how to promote your website through personal blog.

First, you must spesify the reader target of the blog in associate with your product or service. Using blog network more easy to find blog with certain categories. But usually blog reader dont like to read advertisement, so blogger must read using their own style or writing. Reader feels like reading common article but there are some suggestion attached at blog post. May blogger write in a soft testimonial style.

The other way is using service from paid blog advertising. You can spesify your target choose several blog that you like from blog list. Choose blog that have high traffic. Do a simple research using search engine to test its popularity and sensitivity of keywords that you want.

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